A shed…technically

I bought a kit for a temporary, carport-type structure at a big box home improvement store in Duluth.  It was on sale, whatever that even means these days, and even though it appeared to be made of cheap materials and might disintegrate after a few months, I needed something to temporarily house all the tools and materials for the upcoming projects.  It took an afternoon to set up, but the earth anchors that came with it were not going to work in granite.  I ended up just weighing down the frame with an assortment of scrap lumber and rocks.  It may be an eye sore but it has served its purpose well so far.  The ugliness of the gray tarp among the beautiful foliage is seriously making me consider building a timber frame tool shed for my first project.  This will have to do for now, and I do have to remember that I can move it whenever and wherever I need to.