Willow charcoal and another moose variation

I cut some green willow twigs, peeled the bark, and packed them in a Christmas popcorn tin with a few holes in the top and bottom.  I placed the tin on the fire before I went to bed and in the morning I opened the tin, revealing some willow charcoal sticks.  I did a rough sketch of a moose with the charcoal.  I’m not all that proud of the drawing but I thought a moose was an appropriate subject for the medium considering the word, moose, comes from the Algonquin word for “twig eater” and moose do love to eat willow twigs…


4 thoughts on “Willow charcoal and another moose variation

    1. If you mean compared to compressed charcoal the pigment doesn’t adhere to the paper as well, but the willow charcoal is much darker black. They stayed in tact and didn’t crumble or anything. The twigs I used were a little too thick and I thought maybe they would shrink quite a bit in the charcoal making process but they stayed about the same size. Next time I’ll probably go down to a pencil diameter to make them easier to use for drawing. I read somewhere vine charcoal is oilier and sticks better but is more gray than black. Hope that helps!

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